A Hundred Thousand Welcomes "Ceud mìle fàilte" to The Caledonian Society of New Orleans!

* The Caledonian Society of New Orleans' purpose is to study, preserve, teach and present the culture, history, heraldry, pageantry, music, literature, crafts and all of the arts of Scotland and the Isles.

* To sponsor a Scottish Pipe Band and to grant Scholarships in piping, drumming and dancing that will perpetuate our heritage among the younger generation of Scots in our Society.

NOTE to the CSNO Membership: Is anyone interested in buying Louisiana Tartan? The CSBR is considering having a run made for the Louisiana Tartan. There are at least four people in the Celtic Society of Louisiana that are interested in having kilts made, as well as the Louisiana Highland Games who wants neck ties, etc. made up. I know that there will be others.

Tom Mungall, Secretary
Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge ( http://www.csbr.org/ )

CSNO: Plese let Tom know specifically how many yards you want rather than just that you want some fabric

Year: 2016

Current: Monthly Meetings @ the Knights of Columbus Hall in Lakeview

See Calendar for details

See photos from the Burns Supper 2016 ( HERE )

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A LION RAMPANT GULES ( red) is the royal charge of Scottish kings forover 800 years, first used by William I, King of Scotland, 1165-1214. Holding in his DEXTER (right) paw, A THISTLE, PROPER (natural colours) the thistle is the flower of Scotland. Upon, A FLEUR-DE-LIS, COUNTER/CHARGED, OR,PURPURE (gold, purple) the fleure-de-lis is the royal charge of France, symbolizing the Follow us on Facebook